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  1. More people are choosing to drink less, driven by growing concerns about health and wellness. But there haven’t been many high-quality nonalcoholic beers available. Booming demand has forced a change.
  2. The country’s equivalent of the NRA says the government isn’t paying enough for weapons that became illegal under a new law passed in April.
  3. The latest acting secretary of defense, Mark Esper, will join an acting secretary of homeland security and other key officials serving without Senate confirmation in the Trump administration.
  4. “Iranian reports that the aircraft was over Iran are false,” says a spokesman for U.S. Central Command.
  5. One of the most prolific post-impressionist artists Vincent Van Gogh shot himself in July 1890. The revolver believed to have been used by the painter sold for more than $180,000.
  6. The Dutch-led investigation accused three Russians and one Ukrainian of being involved in the 2014 incident, which claimed 298 lives. Court hearings are set to begin next March.
  7. “Sully” Sullenberger, who landed a plane on the Hudson River in 2009, says he understands how the pilots of two jets that crashed would have been confused as they struggled to control the aircraft.
  8. Police officials in Philadelphia are describing the action as the largest removal of officers from the street in recent memory.
  9. In just five years, Slack has grown to more than 10 million users and become a verb in the process. “I’ll Slack you” is shorthand for sending a message via the chat platform. Now it’s going public.
  10. The Clotilde was discovered last month in the Mobile River, bringing new attention to a small community founded by African captives who were brought to the U.S. on the ship.