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  1. The Washington governor announced his candidacy in March, emphasizing the issue on which he staked his campaign: aggressive action to battle climate change
  2. Protests against the Thirty Meter Telescope at Mauna Kea on Hawaii’s Big Island have elevated issues of Native Hawaiian rights and conservation.
  3. The first manned trip to the Titanic’s final resting place in 14 years revealed a deteriorating wreck being eaten by bacteria.
  4. A report commissioned by Yale says a professor assaulted at least five students, and an investigation in 1994 failed to stop him.
  5. Dale Earnhardt Jr. says his “lower back is bruised up real bad” from Thursday’s plane crash, but he’s getting it treated so he can still race.
  6. President Trump said Wednesday he’s not considering tax cuts to help boost the economy amid fears of a recession, just one day after saying he was.
  7. Cindy McCain says the current Republican Party is “not the party of Abraham Lincoln… nor the party of Ronald Reagan,” and is issuing a call for more civility in Washington and across the country.
  8. Scientists say it’s no surprise wildfires have broken out after the warmest July on record globally.
  9. There were 501,000 fewer jobs created from April 2018 to March 2019. Jobs in retail, hospitality and professional services were revised down sharply.
  10. “All she had to do was say no,” President Trump said, adding that Frederiksen was “not very nice” in her refusal.