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  1. The attorney general released the main findings of the closely watched investigation into Russia’s election interference and whether Trump associates conspired.
  2. The investigation found that neither President Trump nor any of his aides conspired with the Russian government, but offered a mixed assessment on whether Mr. Trump obstructed justice.
  3. “The job of Congress is much broader than the job of the special counsel,” one top Democrat said as his party and Republicans jostled to set expectations over the report.
  4. Thousands of Islamic State fighters are still at large in Iraq and Syria, rearming and regrouping. And the group pose threats elsewhere, in Afghanistan, West Africa and the Philippines.
  5. On the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, extreme weather and bad roads have left some residents stranded for nearly two weeks with limited food and water.
  6. The demonstrations in Algeria have grown larger every week and now seem unstoppable. The protesters demand the ouster of not only President Bouteflika, but his entire system.
  7. Once on the margins, older African-American artists are suddenly a hot commodity. They are relishing the attention while dealing with the market’s grueling demands.
  8. The Saudis’ secret spy team. Are you a snowplow parent? Manohla Dargis reviews Jordan Peele’s “Us.” Rick Steves wants to set you free. And more.
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