1. The lawsuit alleges that Netflix did not have permission to use the trademarked phrase “choose your own adventure.”

  2. A Cincinnati mother and her infant daughter have been reported missing, authorities said Thursday afternoon.

  3. Jealousy plagued the “Golden Girls” co-stars.

  4. Police say a man built a bomb inside a sushi restaurant because “people don’t take these types of threats seriously.”

  5. Researchers hope new technology will be able to answer ancient questions.

  6. Beer brands like Bud Light are working to be more transparent with their ingredients and their nutritional information — even if beer drinkers didn’t ask.

  7. Police said the teen had replica gun.

  8. We’ve entered the time of the year when potholes have started popping up on the roads.

  9. A wintry blast pushed into the Cincinnati area Thursday morning.

  10. In honor of Betty White’s 97th birthday, check out the legend at her best.