Odd News

  1. I’m a very practical woman. I don’t just talk. You don’t see me in cut velvet. I’m not just pink paint and crystals. I’m into getting things done,” she said.

  2. See a more traditional town-hall style format where the voters primarily ask questions of the candidate.

  3. Democratic presidential candidate John Delaney answered questions from voters Tuesday in New Hampshire.

  4. See a continued question-and-answer segment involving Delaney and the voters.

  5. See Delaney’s biography and learn more about his background.

  6. In France, they make a giant omelet!

  7. Special counsel Robert Mueller did not exonerate President Donald Trump of obstruction of justice or find that he committed a crime.

  8. Will your favorite make it to the Sweet 16?

  9. Here are some memorable moments of this day in history.

  10. A company is voluntarily recalling whole avocados distributed across the U.S.