Master’s Message
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January 14th, Jefferson Lodge #90 was inspected in the Fellow Craft Degree and was
found proficient. Thank you to all who helped our officers prepare for the evening!
The Grand Lodge of Ohio is excited to announce their 2019 Grand Master’s Class
Schedule, brought to you by Grand Master Jess N. Raines. With the Grand Master’s classes,
we aim to provide the opportunity to ensure that all new members begin their path to
enlightenment on the right foot. As Ohio Freemasons, it is our goal to uphold the values of
Brotherly love, Relief and Truth. This years one day class will be held on May 4th, 2019 at the
Dayton Masonic Center. Anyone interested in this opportunity must have the petitions in by
April 1st and paid in full.
The Grand Lodge scholarship deadline is approaching as well. Through the Grand Lodge
Charitable Foundation, the Masons of Ohio award two scholarships to deserving high school
students in each of the 25 masonic districts in Ohio. They are selected by the District’s
Scholarship Committee, based on criteria set by the Grand Lodge Scholarship Committee.
The applications must be received by March 1st and can be sent to: Scholarship Chairman
1361 S. Charlestown Ct. Hamilton Ohio 45013.
The Committee investigating the purchase of new aprons, collars and jewels gave its report.
This report has been referred to the finance committee for further investigation and approval.

Stuart Thacker WM