Chaplain’s Report


 Brethren,  There is a great need for our Lords interactions with our lives and health.  I have compiled a Prayer List for those that I could off the cuff remember, this is not a finished list by any means but will require your help to complete and more inportantly to have remembered in your daily devotions.  Please fill free to contact me WB Steve Hampton for our WM Stuart Thacker with anyone that should be added to it.


Lodge Chaplain

Tom Helsinger

PM Kenny Rogers and Wife Martha 

PM Kevin Johnson

RWB Carlos Pratt and Family

PM Jack Barr

Ill. David Buchheit and Family

65 year Brother Bill Deaton

Brother James Anderson and Wife Peggy

Brother Dick Ratliff and Wife

Brother Dave Cole

Brother Luthor Holbrook and Wife Polly 

PM Steve Hampton and Wife Teresa

LEO Brother Bill Hampton and Wife Melissa

Brother Chuck Chapman and Wife Linda

Brother Jim Moore and Wife Maggie

Brother Jeff Wilder and Wife Kelly and Sandi Cassity

PM Winford P. Lawson

PM Daniel A. Tutt

Brother Tim Carter and Wife Kimi

Brother Robert James

Brother Don Brown’s Family

Brother Tony Kakaris

50 plus year Brother George Develen

Brother Joe Richards

Brother Dave Depew and Wife Diane

Brother Rick Thomas

Brother George Parshall

Ill.Brother Noah E Powers II and Familly

Brother Mike Overbey

Brother Russ Wrightl

Brother Dennis Deters

Brother John Koslofsky

Brother Al Risner

Brother Robert Caldwell and family

WB CC Clemmons

Brother Donald Hudson

Bro Thomas G. Williams and Wife Laura

Brother William Roberson

Chaplain Tom Helsinger and Wife Debbie and Family

















To assure that your final wishes as they relate to your Masonic Service are fullfilled please fill out the following:

Masonic Last Rites Request Form

Make a copy for your personal records and any other individual or group you deem necessary.  Give or send the completed form to your Lodge Secretary for their safekeeping.