New York Times

  1. American intelligence gave assistance, but communications intercepted by Canada were more definitive in linking India to the killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar.
  2. Three witnesses who said they saw the killers of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, the Sikh leader at the center of a diplomatic dispute between Canada and India, described the scene.
  3. Right-wing Republicans who represent a minority in their party and in Congress have succeeded in sowing mass dysfunction, spoiling for a shutdown, an impeachment and a House coup.
  4. Federal prosecutors have accused Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey and his wife, Nadine, of accepting bribes in exchange for official actions by Mr. Menendez.
  5. Prosecutors say Senator Robert Menendez had a cache of ill-gotten ingots and a sudden interest in the price of the precious metal.
  6. When the annual allotment of up to $1.3 billion faltered even a sliver, Egypt found an ally in Senator Robert J. Menendez, who on Friday was indicted on bribery charges tied to Egypt.
  7. The Army’s Landstuhl Regional Medical Center has quietly started admitting Ukrainian Army soldiers who were wounded in combat, most of them American volunteers.
  8. Russian-installed authorities in the occupied peninsula said debris from a downed rocket fell in the Sevastopol bay, where Moscow’s Black Sea Fleet is based.
  9. Talks continued on Saturday with all three companies, a day after the U.A.W. expanded its strike at G.M. and Stellantis.
  10. Amid an uptick in Covid infections, administrators, staff and patients are divided over the need for masks in health care settings.