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  1. The symbol of the Pillars in Freemasonry, three in total, have a special place in the rituals and symbolism of Freemasonry. Many an author, including myself, have attempted to capture their meaning and give resonance to their understanding. Writing in a preamble to the second degree, I defined the pillars in their three representations or […]

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  2. In this installment of the Symbols and Symbolism of Freemasonry, we consider a vital emblem of the compass, or compasses, an instrument to circumscribe our desires.

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  3. Raised to a Master Mason in 1908, at Harmony Lodge No. 17 in Washington, DC, Carl H. Claudy  served as the Master and eventually as Grand Master of Masons in 1943. He served as the executive secretary of the Masonic Service Association in 1929 holding the position until his death in 1957 claiming authorship of […]

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  4. BRYCE ON FREEMASONRY– And what I remembered of them. After being away a long time, I recently returned to my home lodge for a visit. Those of you who have followed my writings will remember why I left my lodge, primarily due to Freemasonry turning into a good old boys club as opposed to the […]

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  5. What does a membership organization that thrives on meeting do when it can’t meet? Freemasonry is facing its biggest threat to date: COVID-19. How it handles itself in the middle of the pandemic will dictate how it fares once the pandemic is over.

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