The Magpie Mason

The Magpie Mason is an obscure journalist in the Craft who writes, with occasional flashes of superficial cleverness, about Freemasonry’s current events and history; literature and art; philosophy and pipe smoking. He is a Past Master who tiles Publicity Lodge 1000 and calls the Craft from labor to refreshment at The American Lodge of Research, both in New York City. He is a past president of the Masonic Society, which you should join now.
  1. Thursday, at last, was the long-awaited joint meeting of West Point Lodge 877 and The American Lodge of Research. The former, naturally, is a historic Masonic lodge, and the latter, of course, a lodge that studies Masonic history.The two also have an ethereal link that occurs to me. West Point was set to labor Under Dispensation by Grand Lodge in 1909, and that was the year when the first
  2.     Okay, I’m late with coverage of the Scottish Masonry conference in Virginia from early November, but it’s coming. In the meantime, let me promote this speaking event. Kathleen Aldworth Foster, author of the novel Doneraile Court (told you about it some time ago), is on the Masonic speaking circuit.She’ll appear December 14 at Perfect Square Lodge 204 at Masonic Hall, after the lodge meeting.
  3.     Click to enlarge.On this date 162 years ago, the Most Puissant Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of New Jersey and its first three constituent councils took form.Scott Council 1 is still at it. In fact, we were practicing some of the work several hours ago. And we’re still kin to Union Lodge 19 (see above).Kane Council 2 and Gebal 3 were euthanized by the Grand Master recently,
  4.     Before delving into the content of the presentations at the Scottish Freemasonry in America Symposium of two weeks ago, I’ll share several dozen photos from the guided tour of the George Washington Masonic National Memorial we attendees enjoyed. (I’m not procrastinating. These Magpie posts take time.)First, the view of the Memorial from the north windows of the Magpie’s suite. Freemasonry’s
  5.      Just another reminder that The American Lodge of Research will be on the road in two weeks, paying a visit to West Point Lodge 877 in the Hudson Valley. That’s Thursday, December 1 at seven o’clock. The lodge is right outside the Military Academy.All Master Masons are welcome, so please let us know you’re coming by signing up here. Attire is suit and tie business casual with apron. Feel free